WWDC wrap up

I finally had some time to catch up with all the WWDC news, watched the Platform State of the Union and played with iPadOS. So I wanted to take some time to wrap my head around the most important announcements. iOS  It wasn’t a big year for iOS. We got more stability improvements, which are always welcome. We also got a system-wide Dark Mode. Everyone seems to lose their minds around this feature.

Building a custom Animoji with ARKit and Blender

This post takes a look at ARKit Face Tracking on iPhone X, XS, XR and iPad Pro 2018. It is based on my WWDC 2019 Scholarship Submission. I am not an artist. All models I created for this post are just for illustration purposes. But I want to look into the code required to create your own Animoji. This post is divided into four steps: Basics of ARKit Face Tracking Creating a character model in Blender Getting the character into SceneKit Animating the character ARKit Face Tracking ARKit Face Tracking is easy to setup.

Building a custom homepage for micro.blog

I spent the last days building a custom theme for my blog. You can find the source on GitHub. It is based on the Hyde Theme and the modifications Manton made for micro.blog. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. What du you think? You can find some details about what I created below. Features Separate between posts and microposts I wanted to separate between long blog posts and microblog posts.

Auto-connect to a VPN with a configuration profile

This small post describes how to create an On-Demand VPN profile for iOS (and macOS, too). Why you need VPN Public wifi is a great thing, especially if you have limited mobile data caps or are on vacation in another country. But public wifi also poses a security risk: not only can a third party monitor the websites you visit, they could steal personal information or even infect you with malware.

WWDC recap

This years WWDC is over and I am already back in Germany. I had an intense week with a lot of great experiences and this post is my attempt to process and recap all the great things that happened. Announcements The keynote is the most important part of WWDC. At least this was my experiences from the last years. This years keynote was – lets say underwhelming. Tim Cook set the expectations right at the start: “This WWDC is all about software.

Second Life

Federico Viticci over at macstories.net wrote a great story about his path to a healthier lifestyle. He talks about tech and apps, but thats not what the story is about. It is about purpose, the goal you want to reach and not (soley) about the tools needed on the way.

I’ve been enjoying everything more – from writing stories to having dinner with my girlfriend or going to the movies with friends – because I invested in improving every aspect of myself that I didn’t like anymore. It’s not necessarily about the Apple Watch or Headspace as specific examples – it’s about the deeper commitment to physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle; it’s about taking my mental health just as seriously; and it’s about making gratitude a cornerstone of my existence because I survived cancer, I still have the job of my dreams, and now it’s my turn to give back.

WWDC 2018 expectations

WWDC 2018 starts at June 4th and is less then 2 weeks away. It is the very first (and probably only) WWDC I will attend in person (I won a scholarship) so I am pretty excited. But the rumours suggest a pretty small update, at least for iOS, so I just want to sum up my thoughts and expectations about this years conference. iOS Lets start with iOS. For years the iOS update was the highlight of the WWDC keynote.