Meta Quest Pro review: For those with more money than sense | Ars Technica

At its current asking price, though, we can only recommend the Quest Pro to mid-level executives who have convinced their superiors to allocate a ridiculous, money-is-no-object budget to ill-defined metaverse projects out of nothing more than a deep sense of FOMO.

Somebody is not impressed by what Meta is up to.

Apple Music has betrayed its most loyal listeners | Macworld

The ad-free, all-music service now has ads in radio stations and interviews in playlists.

Add Apple TV trailers to the list.

so what are the odds this causes the Fediverse to collapse

mastodon is a joke, i’m afraid. it’s not fit for purpose.

– walking mirage (@atomicthumbs) April 25, 2022

Is Mastodon (and decentralization) a valid alternative to a single silo like Twitter?

A nice take I don’t necessarily agree with, but I felt worth to share.

Yeardle - Daily “Guess the Year” History Game is the second fun Wordle Spinoff since Worldle where you guess countries.

Good think I am catching up on the South American Independence on the Revolutions podcast for today’s guess.

Exploring SwiftUI Sample Apps | Apple Developer Documentation

Explore these SwiftUI samples using Swift Playgrounds on iPad or in Xcode to learn about defining user interfaces, responding to user interactions, and managing data flow.

Some nice examples for how to build a more complex tutorial in DocC.

For SwiftUI, the biggest difficulty1 remains data flow through a more complex apps. I wish Apple would weigh in and provide some examples there.

  1. Of cause besides custom layouts and UIKit customisation, which mostly remains just impossible today without serious hacks ↩︎

The Axie Infinity hack, what happened, and why people keep talking about bridges

On March 23, cryptocurrency priced at around $625 million was stolen from the Ronin network, which is the blockchain that powers the game Axie Infinity.

Another great explanation on crypto exploits by Molly White.

The Overcast Redesign: Part One

I don’t want to say that a redesign was overdue, but a more modern look definitely is most welcome. Thumbs up 👍

The Edited Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto

On March 20, 2022, the New York Times published a 14,000-word puff piece on cryptocurrencies, both online and as an entire section of the Sunday print edition. […]

A group of around fifteen cryptocurrency researchers and critics have done what the New York Times apparently won’t: The Edited Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto.

I enjoyed Molly White’s coverage of the crypto bubble (including the great Web3 is going just great coverage) ever since Gruber mentioned her earlier this year.

Until yesterday I haven’t seen anything involving crypto outside of news coverage here in Germany. But a local jewelry chain now advertises personal messages that are stored “forever on the blockchain”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. You can even get a framed certificate! - Introducing Swift Async Algorithms

As part of Swift’s move toward safe, simple, and performant asynchronous programming, we are pleased to introduce a new package of algorithms for AsyncSequence. It is called Swift Async Algorithms and it is available now on GitHub.

I haven’t had a chance to dive deep into Swift'’s Structured Concurrency yet, but this seems like a good time.

New EU law could require iMessage and WhatsApp to work with other, smaller platforms

I don’t get it. I don’t want to use Facebook, so I try to convince people to drop WhatsApp and move to Signal and other apps.

I fail more often then not and it’s infuriating that WhatsApp is the de-facto standard for communication here, but how does sending messages from Signal to WhatsApp solve any problem? Why would anyone want that?

A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use – Analysis - IEA

A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use

Immediate actions in advanced economies can cut oil demand by 2.7 million barrels a day in the next 4 months

Sign me up!

Project Zero: A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution

From a PDF disguised as a GIF to a Turing-complete micro-architecture based on a lossless image encoding algorithm – this is somewhere between impressive and terrifying.

Second Life

Federico Viticci over at wrote a great story about his path to a healthier lifestyle. He talks about tech and apps, but thats not what the story is about. It is about purpose, the goal you want to reach and not (soley) about the tools needed on the way.

I’ve been enjoying everything more – from writing stories to having dinner with my girlfriend or going to the movies with friends – because I invested in improving every aspect of myself that I didn’t like anymore. It’s not necessarily about the Apple Watch or Headspace as specific examples – it’s about the deeper commitment to physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle; it’s about taking my mental health just as seriously; and it’s about making gratitude a cornerstone of my existence because I survived cancer, I still have the job of my dreams, and now it’s my turn to give back.